Broadcast Records - Sarthe 2014

Congratulation all participants and the podium!

24h de la Sarthe 2015 - The Mission rFactor 2

24h de la Sarthe 2015 - The Mission rFactor 2

45 eligible starters, 2 classes and Sim Racers from all over the world cannot wait any longer until the moment when they once again get the call: "Gentlemen start your engines"

Finally, after weeks of planning we did opening the registration for the 9th Edition of SR 24h de la Sarthe yesterday evening at 08:00 p.m.

Our special thanks goes to Marc Danisch and the "United Racing Design" modder group, which provides besides their EGT Mod exclusively a LMP to be run in the event.

We are also happy to introduce the partnership with "Team Motorsport-Dreams", a team which made it from sim racing to real racing, one idea, one dream, one team.