24h de la Sarthe 2015 - The Mission rFactor 2

24h de la Sarthe 2015 - The Mission rFactor 2

45 eligible starters, 2 classes and Sim Racers from all over the world cannot wait any longer until the moment when they once again get the call: "Gentlemen start your engines"

Finally, after weeks of planning we did opening the registration for the 9th Edition of SR 24h de la Sarthe yesterday evening at 08:00 p.m.

Our special thanks goes to Marc Danisch and the "United Racing Design" modder group, which provides besides their EGT Mod exclusively a LMP to be run in the event.

We are also happy to introduce the partnership with "Team Motorsport-Dreams", a team which made it from sim racing to real racing, one idea, one dream, one team.

The 9th edition of "SR 24 de la Sarthe" will be held from 17th to 19th July 2015th

Challenges were mastered in the past but the biggest challenge is ahead of us. After 8 years of rfactor 1 the community is going to move over to rfactor 2. Even sim-racing.org will dare the move and will held the 9th Edition of the 24h de la Sarthe on rfactor 2. The LMP cars from the Modding Group URD are still in progress but they affirm us to finish it by 1st May. Compared to the last races we have made a few changes in the rules like just 2 classes or a "Drive fair and share rule".
The registration for the 9th Edition will open at 3rd May 8pm GMT. 22 LMP1 and 23 GT Teams are allowed to take part in the main race at 17.7. - 19.7.2015. The event is provided by "Allstar Racing" and supported by "URD Modding Group".