54 Teams Registered - Now follows the qualification phase.

1 day before the registration closed, the 54th team has announced the particpation. Thank you very much! After the end of the multi-League we did not expect so many registrations. Drives from Spain, Austria, Poland, France, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Jamaica, Portugal, United States and Germany are registered. Thank you for your trust! Now we look forward to a fair and exciting qualification. Planned are 6 races with 2h lenght. The best four results counts for the "Qualification-Championship". Good luck to all!

Important Information

With the help of Thomas Walter (F1RL.de) the website works again. Thank you very much, Thomas! But I'm not sure, what was the reason for this crash. For our own safety, we switch the complete website to "www.online-motorsport.com". Sim-Racing,org will be redirected from now on. If the server is stable again, we will switch back.

Mod and Rules released

Mod and Rules are available! Access data are readable for registered members only! If you find any issues, please post your replay here! We wish all simracing friend a fantastic time here on Sim-Racing.org! Good luck!

Regeln (de)
Rules (en)
Download Mod (via SimSync) Use a new and clean rFactor installation!
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The Registration is opened now!

Reiza-Studios - Main Sponsor for "SR 24h de la Sarthe 2014"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are very pleased to announce that the "Reiza Studios" will sponsor our event on 28th-29th of June 2014 with attractive prices. Each driver of a winning team per class, received a full and unlimited license of "Game Stock Car". First, we were surprised that a manufacturer of a different simulation for this event has interest. But now we think, that all simracers are one big family. And so we say "THANK YOU" for this sponsoring. The logos will be visible on our website, will be present on all cars in the race and of course permanently in the live-broadcasts. Also on track we have integrated the logo in many places. We hope, that a representant from Reiza will come in a Simrace.TV-Interview during the main event. We also say THANK YOU to Achim Ennenbach (SimsyncPro) for his engagement.