24h de la Sarthe 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We look back on 8 years experience with rFactor 1. For the ninth edition of the "24 de la Sarthe" was scheduled to host the race with rFactor2. After Gerry Roos has left the team, we do not have anyone who could customize the track. But the bigger problem is, we can't find a working modification for LeMans. And I don't want to risk any experiments. So we have two options: 1. This year we will cancel the event; 2. We use the mod/track from 2014 and rFactor1. At Sunday, 08th of February 2015, I will start a voting and open a discussion thread in the SRorg Forum. If the interest is large enough, we use again this year rFactor1. Of course with Rejoin-Plugin, Mini-Championship in the preparing phase and ( I hope so...) a lot of fun. Of course, suggestions and your help will be appreciated. Contact me if you have questions or suggestions. You can use the websites's messaging system, Facebook etc.

Meine Herren, momentan sieht es nicht danach aus, dass wir die 9. Ausgabe der 24h de la Sarthe auch im 9. Jahr austragen können. Geplant war, erstmals auf rFactor 2 zu fahren. Doch das größte Problem dmait ist, eine passende Modifikation zu finden. Aber auch der Weggang von Gerry Roos bereitet große Probleme. Wer dazu Vorschläge hat oder helfen möchte, kann sich sehr gerne melden. Aber bitte nur per Chat oder Nachrichten auf der Website von Sim-Racing.org. Die Alternative wäre ein Rennen mit der Mod vom letzten Jahr. Ob das aber wirklich interessant wäre, werde ich am kommenden Sonntag im Forum von Sim-Racing.org erfragen. Würde mich schon sehr freuen, wenn wir auch dieses Jahr was ordentliches auf die Beine stellen könnten.

The "GTR24h.org" 24h Spa-Francorchamps - LAN-Event

The Orga of this legendary LAN Event has decided to hold the race this year on "rFactor2". Maybe that is the reason why this year start significantly fewer teams than last year. But Simrace.TV is convinced that the decision was correct. And we have experienced in 2011 and 2012, how exciting can be this event, even if fewer cars are in the race. The first impressions will be broadcasted live at Friday evening from 8.00pm (CEST) on. On Saturday we begin the preliminary reports around midday. The racestart is planed at Saturday at 3.00 pm. It would be our great pleasure, though this year we have again thousands of followers in the SRTV Live Stream.